2D Game Development W/ Javascript & CSS3- Create Memory Game [Udemy]

2D Game Development

2D Game Development

Start your journey into becoming a professional 2D Game Developer for the Web and a front end web developer here!

Learn how to create a real world Dynamic, intelligent Memory Game with Timer & Score cards with Web 2D Game development concepts!

At DigiFisk, we like making learning fun. Our courses are interactive and fun with a ton of practical elements to it. We’ve decided to take it a step further with our Front end Web app development practice series.

Once you learn the syntax of a programming language, the next logical step is to start creating software and apps. But that’s where most students get stuck. Problem solving isn’t as easy as learning a bunch of syntaxes.

But we aim to make it easy for you. We also aim to teach you intermediate programming topics like object oriented programming while at it.

What will you learn in this course?

In this course, you’ll learn how to build your Randomized Dynamic 2D Memory Game with Timer, Score card & Customized result display from the ground up with just HTML5, Javascript and CSSS and 2D Game Development concepts  in just a couple of hours.

You’ll learn:

1. How to build a completely randomized, intelligent 2D memory game with stellar design with Javascript, HTML5 & CSS3

2. How to design the game logic for the game and implement it as code

3. How to make the game intelligent and interesting by introducing a randomization element into it. Make it unpredictable for even the programmer of the game.

4. How to set up the skeleton of a web app or web game using HTML5

5. How to design a sophisticated 2D game using advanced CSS and CSS3 concepts

6. How to make a 2D game playable using Javascript concepts

7. How to build a fully featured timer for your game

8. How to make CSS3 card flipping work using CSS3 transitions and css3 transformations.

9. Logical problem solving

10. How to create completely customized popup boxes – you can use this knowledge in a number of other projects as well

11. How to build a score display for your game that dynamically updates itself.

12. How 2D game development works in the web (with Javascript and HTML5)

13. The basics of HTML5 & CSS3 (I’ll explain the concepts as we code the project)

14. The basics of Javascript (we have separate modules for this topics)

15. Front end design and development

Who is the target audience?

  • If you’re completely new to web 2D game development & Web development and you want to learn by creating a real world 2D game
  • If you want to learn web development the fun way – by doing, rather than just listening and taking notes. If you love learning by creating, and don’t like to listen to hours of theory, this course is for you
  • If you’d like to pad your resume or portfolio with an impressive project
  • If you’d like to learn something that can be used in your university coursework (project)
  • If you’d like to go from a complete beginner to an intermediate web programmer and 2D web game developer
  • If you’re a Javascript web developer who just wants to try out a new project. Our course welcomes coders of every level, from absolute beginners, to pros.​
  • If you have the passion for programming, and know the basics of HTML5 and CSS, but you’re stuck on the practical aspects of it. Turn your theoretical knowledge into practical knowledge with our course.


  • You can come to this course with absolutely no coding knowledge. I explain everything you need to create your very first 2D web game.
  • A PC or laptop to practice what I teach

Website: Visit
Created by: Aarthi Elumalai
Duration: 7h 45m

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