Advanced React Patterns [Frontendmasters]

 Advanced React Patterns

Advanced React Patterns

Discover how to simplify your large React applications with advanced component patterns! In this course, Kent C. Dodds shows how to separate component logic, state and display properties to make your components more flexible and usable across large React applications. You’ll learn patterns like Compound Components, Render Props, Prop Getters, Controlled Props, and how to take advantage of React’s new Context API to share state throughout the application. This course is for developers who have experience building React applications and desire to scale their applications with components that are both simpler and more flexible!

Basic Compound Component & Exercise

Kent shows a compound component and how to pass properties to children components. Also, Kent sets up for the exercise to create a custom compound component.

Website: Visit
Author: Kent C. Dodds
Duration: 3 hours, 23 minutes

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