Advanced SQL : SQL Expert Certification Preparation Course [Udemy]

Advanced SQL : SQL Expert

ONE, ENOUGH, ULTIMATE course to make you an SQL Expert!..

Advance Your SQL Knowledge and Get Better Income From Your Job, like $100k.

Get Oracle’s SQL Expert Certification.

Oracle has two Certification Exams for SQL.

The first one (SQL Fundamentals) covers the basic subjects (All of these subjects are covered in my first course.)

The second one (SQL Expert) covers more advanced subjects including the basic ones. (All the advanced subjects (and more) for this exam are covered in this course)

All the subjects are explained in detail, and exampled as many as I can do with Oracle’s HR schema. You can check the subjects from Oracle’s related pages.

What Will I Learn?

  • All the advanced subjects that you need for SQL Expert Certification
  • Over 120+ Lectures, 11,5+ Hours Content
  • Write Advanced SQL Codes Easily
  • Get a Better Job and Income!
  • Lifetime Support from the Authors
  • Analytical Functions
  • Regular Expressions
  • Introducing Database Objects
  • Creating and Using Indexes
  • Creating and Using Views
  • Creating and Using Synonyms
  • Creating and Using Sequences
  • Data Dictionary Views
  • Using Advanced Subqueries
  • Generating SQL Scripts
  • Advanced Data Manipulations
  • Weekly Quizzes


  • Need to know SQL in basic level
  • SQL Developer
  • Oracle Database Software

Website:  Visit
Created by: Oracle Master Training, Code Star Academy
Duration: 12h 6m

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