Advanced State Management in React (feat. Redux and MobX) [Frontendmasters]

Advanced State Management in React

Advanced State Management in React

Advanced State Management in React: Steve Kinney — principal front-end engineer at SendGrid — explores popular libraries and concepts such as Flux, Redux, MobX, asynchronous state, and more. Learning these patterns will help you leverage the best techniques for managing state in your applications!

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What is the Application State

React is built for one-way data flow.  And, state stays in the component unless it’s passed down.

Types of State

The word “state” is too broad as there are many types including model data, view/UI state, and more.

Component State Solution

Steve comes out the solution using React this.setState and helps you avoid method binding bugs.

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Author: Steve Kinney
Duration: 8 hours, 3 minutes

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