Algorithms & Big O – 101 Basics Course: CRUSH The Interview! [Udemy]

Algorithms & Big O – 101 Basics Course

Algorithms & Big O – 101 Basics Course

CRUSH YOUR NEXT TECHNICAL INTERVIEW with the tips and tricks you learn in this incredible course!


If you’ve not had a technical interview for a while or at all, then this course will help you prepare by brushing you up on the basic concepts again.  This course is great for those who are actively looking for work again in the TECH INDUSTRY or for those who are new students looking to get into a software engineering position.

1. Go over the basics FAST rather than spending days, you can learn the basics in a short period of time

2. Focus your time on applying the information learned here to any upcoming technical interviews

3. Gain MASSIVE confidence going into those next technical interviews and have a better chance at getting the job!

If you’ve got a technical interview coming up and need all the help you can get to CRUSH THE INTERVIEW, then THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU!

I was once like you, FRUSTRATED with having to relearn everything just so I could get into the highly competitive tech industry again.  I had not been back in school for a while after working for years!  I didn’t know where to start and I wish I had a course like this that would just give me all the basics in a short period of time so I could focus more on learning what I needed to GET THE JOB!! Now I’m here to share with you the basics including some amazing tips and advice so you can go into these technical interviews and CRUSH THE INTERVIEW!

Here you will learn some of the BASICS from variables to loops to even advanced items like Big O and Recursion!  Finally you’ll learn tips and tricks that have helped me get job offers due to my confidence in these various technical interviews!


This course is aimed at software professionals who are actively searching for employment in the tech industry OR are students in university who are looking to get a job. The assumption is that you already know most of this stuff and that you simply are reviewing the concepts in this course. The GOAL is not to teach you these concepts as you would learn in school but to simply brush up your skills and help you to do better in your technical interviews and hopefully even LAND A JOB! (If you do, please let me know! I love hearing success stories from my students!)


1. You’re actively job searching and anticipate you will have a technical interview coming up

2. You’re looking to save time and money rather than doing searches and reading books on the topics, you just want the fastest way to get the information you need so you can focus on the upcoming interviews

3. You want to increase your CHANCES of getting a job by learning methods and tips to give you an ADDED EDGE over your competition.

Who is the target audience?

  • Software Developers who are looking to brush up on their basics and prepare to apply for a technical interview.


  • Knowledge of programming and software development

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Created by: Abhinav Gupta
Duration: 2h 7m

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