Brand Strategy for Designers [LYNDA]

Brand Strategy for Designers

Brand Strategy for Designers

Designers: If you’ve ever wanted to be involved with the long-term strategy for a brand, not just the design, this is the course for you. Learn how to partner with stakeholders and company leaders to define the core elements of a solid brand: its purpose, audience, and position in the marketplace. Instructor Stefan Mumaw—a design consultant to such prestigious brands as Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola, and Sony—explains how to turn those ingredients into a cohesive strategy. He also shows how to leverage the strategy to build out individual design elements, such as the company logo. Whether you’re building a business from scratch or evolving an existing identity, these tips will help you create a compelling brand—one that moves customers to action
and inspires lasting connection.

Topics include:

  • What brand strategy is and what isn’t
  • Defining your purpose, your audience, and your market
  • Brand design
  • Logo design

Website: Visit
Author: Stefan Mumaw
Duration: 45m 37s
Language: English

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