C # Light – Programming for beginners *Ru-Lang* [UDEMY]

C # Light

C # Light – Programming for beginners

C # Light is a course  for beginning  programmers who want to become professional programmers in C # in the shortest possible time. Training is conducted from zero. At the first lessons you will have a story about Visual Studio and in general about languages, and closer to the last lesson we will already study such topics as persistence – that is, our training goes smoothly and thoughtfully. It has a cross-cutting theme – creating  its own RPG . At the end of each lesson, we apply the skills learned in our project.

We will study all the basic constructs of the C # language, and also we will examine  interesting practical examples  without spherical horses in a vacuum. My main principle during classes is openness to students and their questions. I try to work as tightly as possible 24 hours a day, while your training is in progress – I want you to learn something, and not just look at the lessons.

Who is the target audience?

  • For novice programmers
  • For Beginners Unity Developers
  • Interested in GameDev
  • Future ASPNet developers


  • Computer Availability
  • Installed Visual Studio under Windows

What Will I Learn?

  • Basic C # skills
  • Basic skills of Unity
  • Basic skills WinForms
  • Good command of basic operators
  • Good arrays
  • Good command of functions

Website: Visit
Duration: 16:56:47 Hrs. (12 Lectures)/ 17 hours on-demand video

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