CINEMA 4D XPresso Course: Become a Better CINEMA 4D Artist [Udemy]

CINEMA 4D XPresso Course: Become a Better CINEMA 4D Artist

CINEMA 4D XPresso Course: Become a Better CINEMA 4D Artist

The CINEMA 4D XPresso Course course covers the fundamentals of the XPresso Module of CINEMA 4D which is a node-based visual scripting language.
This course covers XPresso Editor and different nodes under the XPresso and MoGraph classes and takes you step-by-step through the whole process of
building node networks in XPresso Editor.

The salient features of this course are as follows:

  • 3.5 hours of on-demand video with 50 lectures explaining the XPresso module of CINEMA 4D.
  • XPresso Editor and node-based approach explained.
  • All nodes of the XPresso and MoGraph classes explained.
  • CINEMA 4D files and other resources are available.
  • Access to each exercise’s initial and final states along with the resources used in the tutorial.
  • Includes stand-alone hands-on exercises. and practical challenges to hone your skills.
  • Tech support direct from the author at udemy.

Who is the target student?

  • Beginners and intermediate users of CINEMA 4D
  • Digital artists
  • Motion graphics artists
  • Indie game developers
  • And anyone who wants to learn CINEMA 4D


  • Before you start this course, you should have CINEMA 4D Studio R19 installed on your system.
  • However, this course is also compatible with R16, R17, and R18 versions.
  • You should also have the basic knowledge of CINEMA 4D.
  • You should have the desire to learn.
  • Willingness to be awesome.

What will you learn?

  • You will learn about the node based approach of XPresso Editor
  • You will learn how to link properties and parameters
  • Also, You will learn how to create user-defined sliders
  • You will learn how to create expressions using the Driver/Driven feature
  • Learn how to use nodes of the MoGraph and XPresso classes.
  • Learn how to automate tasks in CINEMA 4D

Course Title: CINEMA 4D XPresso Course: Become a Better CINEMA 4D Artist [Udemy]
Size: 2.0 GB
Language: English

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