Complete SAS Base Programming Bootcamp: Go from zero to hero[Udemy]

Complete SAS Base Programming Bootcamp

Complete SAS Base Programming Bootcamp

In this course you will learn to program in the SAS Language to do data analysis. This language is really easy to learn since you don’t need to write too much code to get great results!

This course is broken down in 3 parts: 1. Beginner, 2. Intermediate, 3. Advanced. So anyone interested in learning how to program in SAS, from people with nothing or some experience, can enroll in this course.

The most important requirement to enroll is to be committed to learn it and be willing to invest some hours. I promise you once you are done with this course, you will feel very comfortable and loving it when programming in this wonderful language!

Who this course is for:

  • People who want to learn SAS Programming
  • Beginner SAS Programers
  • Interested in learning SAS Base or Base SAS
  • SAS Macros , SAS SQL
  • SAS Procedures, SAS Data Science


  • No need to have prior experience with the language. We will teach you from the very basics.
  • You only need to download a free application to follow along all the exercises we will cover in the videos.
  • Be passionate on working with data to turn it into insights and knowldedge!

Website: Visit
Created by: Darío Mogollón
Duration: 5h 36m

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