Corporate Financial Restructuring [Udemy]

Corporate Financial Restructuring

Corporate Financial Restructuring

This course is developed precisely for restructuring-focused investment bankers, consultants and distress debt investors. The attendees will learn the restructuring framework, followed by building a step-by-step three-statement bankruptcy model with real life case studies taken. The training will include many things like What is restructuring and types and sub types ( Corporate debt restructuring and strategic debt restructuring ) with real life examples ,CDR INDIAN RAILWAYS CLASSIC RESTRUCTURING CASE ,SDR RELIANCE COMMUNICATION- Recent SDR done by credit Suisse ,Concepts of the same on excel,Case study on Dans petroleum (US BASED COMPANY) – Distressed debt valuation.

This course covers the financial, economic, and strategic reasons for major corporate restructuring transactions.The course begins with an overview of corporate restructuring and develops valuation methods used to evaluate corporate restructuring transactions.

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to learn about the Investment banking industry
  • Students who are pursuing CFA, MBA (finance), CA
  • Professionals in the field of investment banking/equity research
  • Investment analysts, Investment bankers, Accountants, Students majoring in finance


  • Basic knowledge in Accounting and Finance
  • Passion to learn
  • A PC with internet


Created by: Institute of Investment Banking

Duration: 13h 6m

Download Both part and extract it into single folder:

Download: Part1 / Part2

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