Create Your Own Hacking Tools in Python [Udemy]

Create Your Own Hacking Tools

Create Your Own Hacking Tools

This course aims to teach student’s about the importance of programming within Python when combined with penetration testing. No prior knowledge of Python or penetration is required as the course covers some of the fundamentals required within the Python language as well as explanations of what penetration testing is and examples of the stages used within a penetration test. Within the latter part of this course Python programming and penetration testing is combined with the student learning to create their own penetration testing programs, with the aim of the student gaining a deep understanding of how these programs work as opposed to blindly running off the shelf penetration testing programs.

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who is interested hacking and becoming more than just someone who uses tools and instead a pro who can write their own bespoke tools for penetration testing


  • No prior knowledge of Python is required as this course covers the fundamentals, a basic knowledge of using well known penetration testing tools would be advantageous but is not mandatory

Website: Visit
Created by: TWR Internet Solutions Ltd
Duration: 6h 43m

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