Cyber Security Bootcamp : Awareness [Udemy]

Cyber Security Bootcamp

Cyber Security Bootcamp

Learn cyber security basic hygiene to advance defense, simple tips to powerful security, Bitcoin scams, protection against sensitive data theft, tips to counter social engineering threats, IoT, tips to protect your hard earned money, stay safe from cyber con artist, Not to be phished, exploited, defrauded, Tips, Counter ATP, Email Scams, Vishing Calls, Whatsapp Scams, Zero-day Threat, Cloud Security, Social engineering attacks, Ransomware risk, Online Banking Frauds, Dating Scams, PDoS, data security, Tor and lot more.


✔ Go through all video tutorials, supplementary resources and references

✔ Enroll if you are serious about protecting yourself, family, friends, children and organization from cyber criminals

✔ Highlight Audio and Video Issues that may creep in.

✔ Suggestions welcome

✔ Leave Feedback and Rating

✔ Ask questions, just don’t keep it to yourself

✔ Go through the FAQ Session and Discussion Forum

✔ Get in touch for any query, help or suggestions

✔ This course will be updated regularly, please go though the updates


✘ Enroll if you have issues with accent or have difficulty in understanding different accent

✘ Pirate this Course, Respect Handwork of Instructor

✘ If unwilling to ask questions and share feedback

✘ If you have difficulty with slight or unavoidable background noise

✘ If you are want to learn Hacking

✘ There is no Lab Sessions or Practicals but few demos included

Awesome! 🙂

Let’s get started….

Who is the target audience?

  • Beginners and Pro who wants to be cyber security awareness
  • Anyone who is serious about cyber security
  • Bust Cyber Criminals, Fraudster and Hackers Attempts to defraud you
  • Safeguard their Hard Earned Money
  • Who doesn’t want to get pwn by cyber criminals


  • Access to PC or Mobile Phone or Tab and PDF Reader

Website: Visit
Created by: Prakash Prasad
Duration: 1h 58m

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