Develop a Chatbot using IBM Watson and AWS Lex & Polly [Udemy]

Develop a Chatbot using IBM Watson

Develop a Chatbot using IBM Watson

In this course , you will learn and deploy chatbot using AWS Lex and IBM Watson on AWS and IBM Bluemix cloud.Firstly, We will learn basic structure, working and usage of chatbot. Then learn the concepts like intents,entities & dialog for IBM Watson and intents, utterance, slots, prompts & fulfillment for AWS Lex. Then we will deploy chat-bots on both platform(ibm as well as aws).Additionally, we will also learn and practice some more features that can be integrated with chatbot like text to speech, speech to text etc.

Who is the target audience?

  • If you want to learn fundamentals of chatbot development like Intent, Entities, Dialog, etc
  • Build a powerful Chatbot application with IBM Watson and AWS Lex


  • Nothing required at all! but if you have a background in computer science or development, it would be beneficial, but not required at all.

Website: Visit
Created by: Pranjal Srivastava
Duration: 1h 38m

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