Docker for Developers and DevOps [Udemy]

Docker for Developers and DevOps

Docker for Developers and DevOps

In addition, this course will cover how to work with images and containers, how to get your project running, and how to push it to the cloud, among other important lessons.

We first review what Docker is and why it is important.  We then walk through a step-by-step guide for both Windows and Mac to install all the required components you are going to need for the class.

With your computer set up, we dive in the Docker Toolbox, the Docker Machine and Docker Client commands, and you’ll quickly appreciate  how all these components help you in your development environment.

Next, you’ll learn to work with images, as well as Docker Containers, and how to link and manage them. After that, you’ll discover how to get a fully-functional development environment up and running, both locally and in the cloud! By the end of this course, you’ll be able to increase your productivity and create lightweight apps that run identically, no matter the environment.

Who this course is for:

  • Developers looking to increase their productivity
  • Developers looking to understand how Docker works
  • Beginning and advanced Docker users looking to improve their skills
  • Network admins looking to break into the world of Docker development


  • Students are not required to know any additional material

Website: Visit
Created by: Luke Angel
Duration: 5h 34m

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