Dynamic JavaScript Master Class AJAX JSON Simple APIs [UDEMY]

Dynamic JavaScript Master Class

Dynamic JavaScript Master Class AJAX JSON Simple APIs

Create amazing interactive dynamic applications that can synchronize data between your database and your front end HTML code.

The content of this course is Unique which you won’t find anywhere else.  We show you how to build a custom project within this course that connects HTML interactions with Database content.

Prerequisites for this course: Basic Coding knowledge, HTML, JavaScript (DOM) and jQuery. This is a fast-paced course around making front-end connections to back-end code.

The course is focused around creating AJAX calls with JavaScript code.  Please note the below topics are covered.

  • JavaScript Objects
  • JSON
  • AJAX GET and POST in JavaScript
  • AJAX get(), getJSON(), post(), ajax() in jQuery
  • MySQL and phpmyadmin connections and queries to perform SELECT, DELETE, UPDATE, INSERT
  • PHP to connect to a database, conditional statements, variables
  • CSS to create form content styling

Who is the target audience?

  • Web developers and Web designers
  • Anyone who wants to create Dynamic Applications
  • Anyone who wants to use data seamlessly within web applications


  • HTML and CSS
  • Basic JavaScript and understanding of the DOM
  • Basic PHP and MySQL understanding
  • Access to computer
  • The solid foundation in coding

What Will I Learn?

  • Create AJAX calls
  • Use JSON data within JavaScript
  • Select between jQuery and JavaScript AJAX methods
  • update MySQL data from JavaScript
  • get content and data from external files
  • Work with Objects and Arrays within JavaScript
  • Parse JSON data into usable objects

Website: Visit
Author:  Laurence Svekis
Duration: 04:25:54 Hours (65 Lectures)/ 4.5 hours on-demand video

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