F#: Automated Testing for Developers [LYNDA]

F#: Automated Testing for Developers

F#: Automated Testing for Developers

F#: Automated Testing for Developers : Automated testing is a popular topic in software development, but it’s still often seen by developers as overhead rather than as an opportunity. By leveraging F# and some external tools and libraries, you can make automated testing easy, enjoyable, and productive. In this course, learn about a variety of techniques for writing automated testing code in F#.

Kit Eason explains how to use xUnit—a .NET unit-testing package—to do some test-driven development, and demonstrates how to improve your test run experience using NCrunch, a test runner. He shows how to use FsCheck to generate test cases, and how to use Expecto to move into the world of tests as first-class values. He also covers the use of Canopy to automate the testing of web user interfaces, and of mocking to tame dependencies.

Topics included in F#: Automated Testing for Developers:

  • Solving issues with early versions of Visual Studio 2017
  • Classical unit testing with F#
  • Creating a testable project and installing Paket and xUnit
  • Test driving an implementation
  • Improving your test run experience with NCrunch
  • Going beyond test cases with FsCheck and Unquote
  • Making tests first class using Expecto
  • Using mocking to tame dependencies
  • Web UI testing with Canopy

Website: Visit
Author: Kit Eason
Duration: 2h 33m

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