FearLess RSD – Real Social Dynamics [Full Course]

FearLess RSD

FearLess RSD-Real Social Dynamics

Fear came back… Shyness came back…
Thought I conquered it, but in reality – I was just covering it up.
With all the traveling, with all the girls, with all the success…
But I realized something… this wasn’t just my fear.
We are ALL sharing this fear.

The guys out there in the clubs doing approaches, the guys at my seminars, even the students at my bootcamps.
We are all carrying around this fear…
This fear of past traumatic experiences, past downfalls, past rejections.
It’s that we don’t know “what to do” when it comes to attracting girls…


First of all you should know
We are afraid to put ourselves out there, afraid of sticking out, of being judged, of being rejected…
We are afraid… and that fear HURTS US DEEPLY
So, I made conquering this fear my new mission.
So I dove in, head first and started to lay out the program to end Approach Anxiety ONCE AND FOR ALL


IT CRUSHED ME to watch guys just like you struggle time and time again with fear, self-expression, and approach anxiety.
IT PISSED ME OFF that great guys with great potential, smart guys who have the knowledge – still coming home
frustrated, angry, and confused. And honestly…
IT ANGERED ME that there was no other resource out there, no one seemed to care. Guys were suffering, and IT KILLED ME that no
one was willing to step up and help.
So, I wanted to tackle this one important sticking point, which is FEAR & APPROACH ANXIETY.
And, in a way… I wanted to reignite that passion in MYSELF.
While, I wanted to see my seminar attendees GET EXCITED about approaching, growing improving…

We’ve all been there…
You’re walking down the street, minding your own business, and then it happens…
You See HER
That perfect girl, she stands out of the crowd…
She’s pretty, she’s beautiful, she’s amazing…
And for just a tiny little second – your eyes meet.
And you get stuck, you get paralyzed.
There’s this one moment where you think:
“Am I gonna talk to her”
“Am I gonna keep going?”
You can never really grasp the possibilities of that one thought.
What’s gonna happen if you DO talk to her?
You stumble, you stutter… BUT YOU DO IT.

Just imagine that for a moment…

You exchange numbers, you meet her for a second date, and you realize that she’s not just a pretty, beautiful girl,
but she’s AWESOME, she’s FUN, she’s AMAZING TO HANG OUT WITH.

she craves you too…

There’s passion, there’s affection, there’s connection… when you’re with her – time ceases to exist.

There is no fear, there is no job, there is no stress, no worry, no thoughts running through your head…

There is just her, and you… together in that single moment when your lips touch for the first time.

You pull her closer, you rip each other’s clothes off, and you have the most amazing and passionate sex of your life…

Maybe it doesn’t stop there.

Maybe you decide to go deeper… be closer…

and die… with her by your side…


You’re still standing there… and you’re still wondering…

“Am I Going to Talk to Her?”

Why haven’t you already?

Why don’t you already have…

  • The girl you want

  • The body you want

  • The job you want

  • The happiness you want

  • The life you want

It doesn’t matter where you are right now, your results (or your lack of results), it is directly linked to your ability to deal with fear.

Every set, every approach, every experience that you’ve had has always been affected by fear.

Those fears, the fears we all share – those are called BASE FEARS

The purpose of Fearless, The Approach Anxiety Buster is to CONQUER those base fears.

These fears are pre-programmed into our mind.

Sure, you can stay in your comfort zone, settle for average women, and drone away at the job you hate for 40 years until you retire.


Fear as the root for negative emotional states…

    • Jealousy
      “I am afraid I’m not good enough…”
    • Envy
      “I am afraid of my own inability to take action..”
    • Hatred
      “I am not able to live with my fear, and am mis-directing that fear at someone / something else…”
    • Self-Attack
      “experiencing self-attack because I am not strong enough to deal with my fear.”
    • Pain
      ”because I am too scared to go through the process of facing my fear.”

The primary purpose of fear is to recognize danger. This is why when you see a hot girl, the first thing you
want to do is ESCAPE! Your brain recognizes that something important is happening… it’s now or never… it’s DO OR DIE!

Fear is everywhere – even if you lock yourself in a box – there is no way to escape the fear. We can’t completely remove fear,
but what we can do is use it to SERVE US.

Fear makes you ALONE in the world, it puts you in a little black box and it buries you with it… fear makes you feel lost… standing
there wondering why you are the only one experiencing it. (Hint: YOU’RE NOT THE ONLY ONE!)

Fear keeps you safe, but not only that, it does something else that is even more important – it wakes us up, it drives
us, it motivates us – If it wasn’t for fear, we would accomplish NOTHING!

What do most people do with fear?


Some people see fear as a reason NOT to do something…

Others try to control fear, they try to hold on to their fear, they try to put their fear in a box and lock it up
instead of simply LETTING GO. They UNDER-FUNCTIONunable to DO ANYTHING about it.


The scariest thing is that…

You will NEVER know the answer.

You won’t even know what you’ve missed.

Is that really the life that you want?

You can keep going down that path that you’ve been on for years already…

That path of waiting… hoping… guessing…

You can keep tapping in the dark, blindly stumbling trying to find a solution on your own…
And you can, in fact…


Inner Game Intro

Structure that you can customize to every-day life.

Even if you’re busy and want to do it on the weekends – this will help you out.

Or, if you want to go all-out, this will show you the best path forward

What Fear Does to You

Here we will re-define fear, and get to know it in the deepest possible way.
We will also get to know how Fear operates, and discover The 3 Levels of Fear:

– Psychological
– Emotional
– Physical

Fear is in Your Body

So, How you can use your body language to overcome fear.
How you can adjust your physiology to minimize the symptoms of fear.
Breathing techniques and bio-energetics work to cleanse you from past fears.

Is Fear Good or Bad?

Learn to distinguish between the positive fear that is beneficial for our game, and the negative fear
that is not based on reality and will cleanse you from that fear.
We will deepen our relationship with fear and start to use fear to fuel our motivation and thus, our game.

Initiate and Re-Program

Sharing my personal frames that I’ve adhered to for years to overcome my fears in the moment of opening, and
also in social situations.We are creating an entirely new reality for you from which you can operate with ease and
confidence in any given situation.

Base Fears

We will go through all of the basic Base Fears that we are all experiencing when it comes to talking to attractive women,
putting ourselves out there, and approaching in social settings. and However you must have confidence.

We are playing all of those fears out, dissecting them, gathering proof that they in fact – don’t matter, and we will further
continue the work of understanding and turning that very fear around.

These are extremely in-depth videos.Almost time you will get better results.

Achieving Fearlessness & Confidence

So, From there, we will take our steps towards attaining true inner self-confidence. Regardless of the situation,
regardless of your own mood.We will also be working on accepting fear, admitting fear, and in the process – making
it completely powerless over us.However You Should have confidence.
But almost time you will be passed…

The Triggers of Fear

An exact, easy-to-follow Four Step System to turn FEAR into ACTION immediately.You can use this video over and over again as a
simple guide in the very moment when fear is trying to overcome you.However Should have confidence.
But almost time you will be passed…

Dare to Fear

So, We will break down exactly what happens to your brain when you expose yourself to fear, and when you walk through that fear.
We will provide you with tricks to change the neurology of your brain, and increase your willpower like CRAZY.
I’ve actually been doing these tricks myself, and they are at the very core of why I was able to get so good at game so fast.
However I’ll be laying out a path to reaching a flow state, and getting “in the zone”, and how you can use that to your advantage in the
field so that you can get in state faster than any other guy.Maybe sometimes you can be failed.
However, you should not mind.
But almost time you will be passed…

You Are Not Alone

So, Here, we are going to hold proof right in front of your eyes that you are not alone, that everyone is feeling fear, and
teaching you how you can use your own action-taking to inspire yourself, and inspire the people around you.

We will reveal to you the secret of letting go.

However We will deeply implant into your brain a mechanism so you can INSTANTLY feel deserving of any 10 you come across.

You’re Missing Out

So, We will embark on a Psychological Journey through all of our missed opportunities, and I will make
sure that you’ll NEVER BAIL OUT AGAIN.

However, We will go on a deep inner journey, and your mind will be blown away with the results you will instantly experience.

Alcohol and Fearlessness

We will lay out the secrets to you on how to get yourself into that “perfect state” without ever needing a drink. From
now on, you will never have the need or desire to have a drink ever again in order to game cause to RSD.

Warm Ups & Techniques

So, Here, we are transitioning into the Outer Game & Action-Taking chapter.

These are hands-on warm up techniques.

I’ve been personally using these techniques, as well as teaching them to my top students over the past couple of years

These are some of the most powerful and most effective techniques, and up until now – I have ONLY taught them in-person.

However, for the first time ever, I am excited to share them with you within Fearless, The Approach Anxiety Buster.

Now… I know you’re pumped… but get this:

So, All of this isn’t even HALF of the program

There is an entire OUTER GAME CHAPTER complete with Comfort Zone Challenges.

I split Fearless into two parts because people respond differently.

Therefore, For some, it’s important to UNDERSTAND fear in order to be able to process it and get rid of it.

However,  For others, it’s easier to simply TAKE ACTION and watch the fear dissolve as they take more and more steps in the right direction.

The first section of Fearless lets you UNDERSTAND fear, accept it, and process it, and the second section of
Fearless shows you WHAT TO DO with fear.

Erase Your Fear of What Others Think!
… In Uncomfortable Situations
… In Front of Strangers
… When It is Scary

This is known as The Comfort Zone Challenges Hot Seat.

The Challenges are MISSIONS that are going to PUSH YOU out of your comfort zone, force you to go out
but in a fun, sustainable way.

So, We are going to stretch your comfort zone little step by little step so you don’t even notice
that you’re expanding.

On top of that, these Comfort Zone Challenges will show you proof that all your insecurities
are based on NOTHING.

Not only will we show you how to do it – I am going to show MYSELF going through cause of

Not only will you see exactly what it takes to snap yourself out of fear, but you will also see that
it’s not that big of a deal.

We will show you that all of the massive fears you have aren’t really that big.

The Comfort Zone Challenges Hot Seat will humble you, and it will make good game

Therefore, You will see myself doing the challenges – you will see the reactions, the
mistakes, and the victories.

Hence, My hope is that this will INSPIRE YOU to go out there and do the challenges
yourself.And Try your self as much as you can

To push it over the top we decided to add something very cool

Many of the students I have coached IN-PERSON would report back that it was so easy for them to take
action while on bootcamp because they had me (the instructor) plus a kickass team kicking their asses, and
motivating them to take action.

With The Fearless Facebook Group, you can’t possibly bitch out, cause you have a community of guys just like you,
all sitting in the same boat… and… I AM ON THERE to support you.Try your self as much as you can

The Instructor in Your Pocket, Fearless Edition

So,Now, if that’s NOT ENOUGH, we also added something really special:
Imagine you are going out, you are doing some challenges… you are about to go on a date… but you’re nervous – you don’t feel like you can do it.
However, You pull out your phone and watch specific mobile-designed videos of me helping you with your specific problem.
You can watch them on-the-go, it’s almost like I’m right there with you, in person coaching you. This is the closest you can get
to an actual 1-on-1 personal bootcamp experience.
On top of that, you will be able to download the audio and bring it with you wherever you go.
Now therefore, all of that sounds pretty cool, but we’ve added even more…


While Fearless has a strong emphasis on Fear and crushing your approach anxiety, I wanted to add some
full-on, hands-on pickup content.
The Advanced Pickup Debriefs
However, These are exclusive behind-the-scenes videos of the best bootcamps that I have done over the years.
We’re talking about advanced pickup concepts, and re-hammering on the basics.
We are hitting every single sticking point that I see most guys have when we go out on my bootcamps.
Usually – you would have to take a bootcamp with me in order to get access to this type of training, and those
run in the thousands of dollars.
But I simply had to give the real action-takers something special, and so I decided to include it inside Fearless,
The Approach Anxiety Buster.
Maybe sometimes you can be failed.
However, you should not mind.
But almost time you will be passed…

Course Name: FearLess RSD – Real Social Dynamics

Size: 30.0 GB

Language: English

Download File : Direct Link

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