HTTP BASICS Complete Course [TeamTreeHouse]

HTTP BASICS Complete Course

HTTP BASICS Complete Course

HyperText Transfer Protocol

About this Course

During this course, we’ll take a look at the underlying method that devices use to communicate with each other: HTTP, or
the HyperText Transfer Protocol. In particular, we’ll focus on how a modern web browser automates the sending of HTTP
requests and the receiving of HTTP responses.

What you’ll learn

  • HTTP
  • Uniform Resource Identifier
  • GET
  • POST
  • Payload

Introduction to HTTP

During this stage, you’ll be introduced to the HyperText Transfer Protocol. You’ll see firsthand what HTTP requests and responses
look like, using a command line tool called Telnet.

GET and POST Requests in a Browser

After getting a feel for how HTTP looks in plaintext format, it’s time to see HTTP in action with a browser. A web browser offers
a GUI for HTTP that allows visitors to communicate with websites and web applications in engaging ways, all while using the
HyperText Transfer Protocol. During this stage, you’ll see how a browser translates user actions into HTTP requests, and subsequently
renders those HTTP responses for display.

More to Learn

Course Title: HTTP BASICS Complete Course [TeamTreeHouse]

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