Introduction to Functional Programming [TeamTreeHouse]

Introduction to Functional Programming

Introduction to Functional Programming

Functional Programming is an old paradigm, but one that is relatively new to Java world. In this course, we
will explore how to take advantage of the power that comes with thinking declaratively.

What you’ll learn

  • Imperative vs. Declarative Syntax
  • Lambdas & Method References
  • Streams
  • Functional Programming concepts
  • Higher Order Functions and Closures

Java’s Functional Toolset

Java 8 introduced new Functional Programming capabilities. Let’s explore them!

Meet Streams

Let’s explore the Streams API which provides powerful declarative ways to process sequences of elements.

Reduction and Aggregation

Reduce, aggregate and use ranges!

Functional Programming Fundamentals

Now that you’ve had some hands-on experience, let’s review some of the important functional programming concepts
with broader strokes.

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