Java Concurrency [Practical] For Absolute Beginners [Udemy]

Java Concurrency

Java Concurrency

Prerequisite (Udemy Course) : Java – Object Oriented Programming [For Absolute Beginners]  By Achala Chathuranga Aponso or basic understanding of OOP

At the end of the Course you will understand the basics of Java Threads (Concurrency )g. You can enhance your concurrent programming skills to reach the advanced level.

Once you complete the above course and cover the OOP concepts and Java Threads – Theory , It is recommended to Follow this course

Who is the target audience?

  • Those who have completed the Object Oriented Programming course . Java – Object Oriented Programming [For Absolute Beginners] By Achala Chathuranga Aponso


  • Basic OOP Knowledge. Students should follow the prerequisite Udemy course by Achala Chathuranga Aponso

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Created by: Achala Chathuranga Aponso
duration: 1h 33m

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