JavaScript: The Hard Parts [Frontendmasters]

JavaScript: The Hard Parts

JavaScript: The Hard Parts

Dive deep into JavaScript to solve complex coding challenges by learning critical concepts that most JavaScript engineers don’t even understand. Learn what you need to know to become a sought-after, versatile, problem-solving developer. Combining mental models of JavaScript’s inner workings and hands-on programming challenges, this course will give you a solid understanding of callbacks and higher order functions, closure, asynchronous JavaScript, and object-oriented JavaScript! This course is for developers with a basic to intermediate knowledge of JavaScript who want to deepen their understanding to take it to the next level.

Global Execution Context

Showing sample code, Will initiates a discussion about what happens when JavaScript executes or runs code.

Local Execution Context

Not the same as defining a function, Will examines the process of invoking a function, which includes creating a local execution context.

Call Stack

Will introduces the concept of the call stack, which keeps track of its place in a script that calls multiple functions.

Principles Review

Before moving on to the next unit, Will reviews Principles of JavaScript and takes questions from students.

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Author: Will Sentance
Duration: 7 hours, 9 minutes

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