Learn and Understand C++ [UDEMY]

Learn and Understand C++

Learn and Understand C++

If you want to learn C++ to advance your skills, gain the ability to program games, and create your own software, you might love this course!  You can go from beginner to advance with C++ using this course because it has 9+ hours of video that might motivate you to keep learning and programming in C++!

What I think is the best about this course is that you can search questions others have had, post your own questions, and get answers to challenges you are currently facing in learning and using C++.  You get paid C++ expert technical support in this course here to answer every single question you ask!

If you still are not sure about taking the course, maybe these stories of what the students before you experienced will be more useful than whatever I can say about this course. Maybe you can see if you identify with where they were when they took the course and what they got out of it. These are all copied from the course reviews below.

Who is the target audience?

  • Complete beginners who wish to learn C++
  • No previous programming knowledge is needed

Requirements for Learn and Understand C++

  • Basic Computer skills will be sufficient

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand C++ Code
  • Write C++ Code
  • Create Basic applications in C++

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Author: Ermin Kreponic
13:52:35 (76 Lectures)/ 14 hours on-demand video

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