Learn Complete Python Tutorials for Beginners to Expert [Udemy]

Learn Complete Python Tutorials

Learn Complete Python Tutorials

  • Python Introduction
  • Python Distributions
  • Python Versions and Downloading
  • How to develop program ?What is Interactive mode
  • What is batch Mode?
  • What are the Editors?
  • What are IDE’s?
  • How to develop a simple application with example?
  • Data types?
  • Types of datatypes? Static Datatype
  • Dynamic Datatype
  • Python supports which datatypes?
  • Fundamental types?
  • Types of Objects? Immutable objects?
  • Mutable objects

and More Topics…

Who is the target audience?

  • Any one who want to become a Professional in Python
  • Any one who want to become a Programmer in Python
  • Any one who want to become a Expert in Python


  • Basic Knowledge on Computers
  • Basic Knowledge on Programming

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Created by: KUNCHAM Software Solutions Pvt Ltd
Duration: 6h 39m

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