Learn Javascript Step By Step [Udemy]

Learn Javascript Step By Step

Learn Javascript Step By Step

The Core

✅ Introduction and basics

✅ Objects

✅ Functions

✅ Arrays

✅ Object Oriented Programming using es5/es6

✅ Call, Apply and Bind

✅ Closure

✅ Lexical Scoping

✅ Arrow functions

✅ Spread Operators

✅ REST Parameters

✅ Promise

✅ var/let/const



✅ DOM Manipulation

✅ Better practices

Building Re-usable Code

✅ Building Reusable Libraries/Components

✅ Implementing Drag and Drop without using third party library

Updated: Nov 2018

Game Development

✅ Build a pong game using OOP and DOM

Bonus Lectures:  To be published in Dec/Jan 2019

Node.js Development

✅ Node.js Foundations

Build a small Full Stack Application using JavaScript


✅ One-to-one relation

✅ One-to-many relation

✅ File/Image Uploading  etc.

And more…

Hope you enjoy this course!

Special ❤️  to the team at Algorisys Technologies for the support in creating these contents.

Who is the target audience?

  • Beginner programmer who wants to learn and understand how to use JavaScript to build websites and applications


  • Basics of HTML and CSS
  • Knowledge of any programming language will be helpful but not a prerequisite

Website: Visit
Created by: Rajesh Pillai
Duration: 8h 44m

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