Learn to code in easy steps [Udemy]

Learn to code in easy steps

Learn to code in easy steps

Hello and welcome to this introduction to coding course.  In this course we will be covering the following

·        Introduction to computational thinking – decomposition and abstraction

·        Developing code – input output model – algorithms

·        Developing code –  pseudo-code

·        Developing code – flowcharts

·        Developing code – high level languages

·        Creating readable code

·        Introduction to python

·        Programming structures – modularity

·        Data types

The course will enable you to build your knowledge and skills in easily absorbed, manageable steps. The first lesson, computational thinking, will provide the essential ‘building blocks’ for structured problem solving. You will learn the essential concepts of decomposition and abstraction. This will be reinforced by completing a worksheet. The second lesson will build on your prior learning by introducing algorithms and the input output model. You will be asked to complete a number of tasks to ‘embed’ this learning. The remaining lessons will proceed in a similar fashion with targeted quizzes, activities and homework tasks to reinforce what is being taught.

By the end of the course you will have learned the basics of how to write quality programs using algorithms, flow diagrams and pseudo-code.  You will be able to use this knowledge to tackle more advanced programming courses.

Who is the target audience?

  • Students wanting to gain a thorough basic grounding in developing programs/code.


  • Basic computing skills including familiarity with browser software.

Website: Visit
Created by: Kwesi Antwi
Duration: 1h 24m

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