Learning ECMAScript 6 [LYNDA]

Learning ECMAScript 6

Learning ECMAScript 6

Meet the future of JavaScript: ECMAScript 6. This short course takes a look at the latest features of ECMAScript 6 (aka ES6) and how these changes are making JavaScript even more powerful and concise. Eve Porcello reviews the new keywords and function/object syntax and shows how the new class syntax can be used with React, the popular JavaScript library. You’ll also review the ES6 compiling tool Babel, and use Babel to make your ES6 code compatible with modern browsers.

Topics include In Learning ECMAScript 6:

  • What is ECMAScript?
  • Transpiling ECMAScript with Babel and Babel-node
  • Using the let and const keywords
  • Creating strings with template strings
  • Enhancing object literals
  • Working with ES6 classes and class inheritance

Website: Visit
Author: Eve Porcello
Duration: 2h 4m

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