Learning Secure Sockets Layer [Lynda]

Learning Secure Sockets Layer

Learning Secure Sockets Layer

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a cryptography protocol to protect web communication. Understanding Secure Sockets Layer takes the complicated subject of using TLS/SSL with public key infrastructure (PKI) for trusted encryption and identity verification, and breaks it down into easy-to-understand components that entry-level IT technicians, consultants, and support staff need to know—regardless of the types of computers, users, or networks supported. Join author Sean Colins for a focused and approachable course that will extend your knowledge of common SSL concepts and practices, including:

  • SSL communications
  • Certificate authorities
  • Public key infrastructures
  • Symmetric and asymmetric key pairs
  • Cryptographic hash functions
  • Encryption algorithms

Start now, and by the end of this course you’ll have the knowledge to create SSL certificates, as well as revoke and renew them, from the command line.

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Author: sean colins
Duration: 1h 49m

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