Microservices with Spring Cloud

Microservices with Spring Cloud

Microservices with Spring Cloud

Microservices with Spring Cloud is an online workshop designed to help you learn the Microservices
architectural style, and how to implement it using Spring technologies.

This course provides a good, solid introduction to the topic of the Microservices architectural style, and
combines this with practical experience gained by working through the exercises featuring Spring Cloud.

Along the way, this course will provide a brief introduction to Spring Boot and Spring Data.

The course provides exercises that provide you with hands-on experience working with the various components
of Spring Cloud.

The goal of this course is to serve as a practical guide through the Spring Cloud projects, so you can see how
they are used to implement the microservice based architecture.

By the time you finish this course, you will have gained the ability to articulate what the Microservices architectural
the style is all about, including its advantages and disadvantages.

You will gain familiarity with Spring Boot, and you’ll see how to use it to build web interfaces, REST interfaces, and
how to use Spring Data and Spring Data REST.

You will gain the ability to build microservice-based applications utilizing Spring Cloud technologies. You will learn about

  • Centralized, versioned configuration management using Spring Cloud Config
  • Dynamic configuration updates with Spring Cloud Bus
  • Service discovery with Spring Cloud Eureka
  • Client Side Load Balancing with Ribbon
  • Declarative REST Clients with Feign
  • Software Circuit Breakers with Hystrix.

Who is the target audience?

  • Intended for experienced Java software developers comfortable with the latest releases
    of the Spring framework
  • NOT intended for beginners. However, depending on your technical experience in other
    technologies, and your learning style, you may find this course a fascinating deep-dive into
    Microservices, Spring Cloud, and Cloud-Native applications.


  • Knowledge of Java programming
  • Knowledge of latest versions of Spring Framework. Familiarity with concepts such as ApplicationContext,
    Profiles, RestTemplate, @Value, @Autowired, @Component, Java Configuration, etc.
  • Knowledge of Spring Boot helpful therefore will be covered in the course.
  • Basic familiarity with Maven. How to specify dependencies, and how to do a “mvn clean package”
  • A Git account, such as GitHub, will be needed. We will cover this in the course if you don’t have one already.

What Will I Learn?

  • Articulate the Microservices architectural style; its advantages and disadvantages
  • Build simple Spring Boot applications utilizing web interfaces, REST interfaces,
    Spring Data, and HATEOAS
  • Build Microservice applications utilizing the different Spring Cloud sub-projects, including
    Config Server & Bus, Eureka, Ribbon, Feign, and Hystrix

Course Title: Microservices with Spring Cloud

Size: 1.2GB

Language: English & Spanish.

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