Mobile App Development With Kivy & Python – The Full Guide [Udemy]

Mobile App Development With Kivy & Python

Mobile App Development With Kivy & Python

Have you tried to learn his library kivy find a good source of learning ? Do you learn Python and want to become a mobile application developer using your language? Well no further research. This  course will take you through the process of creating your own  application. This course is suitable for beginners and intermediate  level programmers, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and more. Handle this course as a step-by-step guide on how to create an iPhone, Android app from scratch using Python. Follow this course every step of the way and you will be developing your first application in less than 3 hours!

For less than a movie ticket, you’ll get more than 3 hours of video lectures and free questions

about the course as you pass. 🙂

Who is the target audience?

  •     Founders and businessmen
  •     Mobile app developers
  •     Beginners Developers
  •     Full Starter Codec
  •     Everyone starts learning Python
  •     Anyone wanting to learn to create an iPhone app
  •     Anyone wanting to learn to create an application for Android phone

What should you know before taking the course?

  •     Very little knowledge of the very basics of Python

Who is the target audience?

  • Python developers who wants to create smart phone apps
  • create Android & iOS apps with Python
  • Who want to understand the language in a simple way and get all the basics of the library
  • Dealing with any programming code for the library


  • Very little knowledge of the basics of Python

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Created by: Master Python
Duration: 2h 50m

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