Motion Graphic Design: Animation [LYNDA]

Motion Graphic Design: Animation

Motion Graphic Design: Animation

When followed, the principles of animation make motion graphic designs and animations more dynamic and appealing. Top animators have developed these fundamental principles over the years, eventually breaking them down into certain basic principles. Throughout this course, Angie puts these principles in context by taking you through the development of a real-world project. Learn how to make things behave in a convincing way with an understanding of basic physics. See how exaggerating certain movements can add humor, horror, or any emotion to your motion graphics designs. Plus, discover how to use After Effects features—such as the Graph Editor—to gain more control over your animations.

Topics include:

  • Creating solid and convincing drawings
  • Creating a sense of anticipation
  • Animation principles and physics
  • Adding gravity in the speed graph
  • Applying directional force
  • Resistance and timing in the Graph Editor
  • Adding character with squash and stretch
  • Adding emphasis to exaggeration.

Course Title: Motion Graphic Design: Animation [LYNDA]
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Language: English

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