Network Hacking Continued – Intermediate to Advanced

Network Hacking Continued - Intermediate to Advanced

Network Hacking Continued – Intermediate to Advanced

Welcome to my advanced network hacking course, this course is designed to build up on what you already know about network hacking,
therefore I recommend finishing the network hacking section of my general ethical hacking course or finishing my network hacking course
before starting this course.

Just like all of my other courses, this course is highly practical, but it will not neglect the theory, since this is an advanced course we will
be breaking each attack into its smaller components and understand how each of these components work, therefore by the end of the
course you will be able to mix these attacks and adopt attacks to suit different situations and different scenarios, not only that but at the end
of the course I will teach you how to write your own man in the middle scripts to implement your own man in the middle attacks.

Because this course builds on what you learn in the courses mentioned above, the main sections here have similar titles to the main sections in
these courses, but the topics covered here are more advanced.

This course is divided into three main sections:

Network Hacking Continued – Intermediate to Advanced

[Section- 1]Pre-Connection Attacks

  1. Pre-Connection Attacks in this section you will learn how to extend the pre-connection attacks that you already know, for example you
    will learn how to run all the attacks that you know so far against networks and clients that use 5Ghz, extend the deauthentication attack to
    target multiple clients and multiple networks at the same time, and manually change your mac address so that you can change it on any
    device that supports that without depending on any tools.
  2. Gaining Access – In this section you will learn a number of advanced techniques to gain access to various network configurations and various
    network encryptions. First you will learn how to overcome some security features that would prevent you from even trying any attacks, you will
    learn how to discover and target hidden networks and bypass mac filtering weather it is implemented using a black-list or a white-list. As
    you go through all of the lectures in this section, you will learn how to manually configure and create a fake access point, you will understand
    exactly how it works and the services it relies on, therefore by the end of this section you will be able to create custom fake access points to suit
    your needs, so you will be able to create fake captive portals, steal WPA/WPA2 passwords or use it to spy on clients that connect to it. This section
    is divided into a number of subsections each covering a specific topic:

    1. Captive Portals – captive portals are open networks that require users to login after connecting to it, they are usually used in hotels and
      airports. In this subsection you will learn three methods to gain access to captive portals.

[Section- 2]WEP Cracking

  1. WEP Cracking – Even though this is an old and weak encryption, this is still used in some networks and you can not call yourself a hacker if you
    can not crack it, by now you should know how to rack WEP if OPEN authentication is used, in this section you will learn how to gain access to
    WEP networks that use Shared Key Authentication (SKA) as all of the methods that you learned so far will NOT work against SKA.
  2. WPA/WPA2 cracking – In this section you will learn more advanced techniques to gain access to WPA/WPA2 networks, this section is divided into
    even smaller subsections:

    1. Exploiting WPS – in this subsection you will learn how to debug reaver’s output and exploit the WPS feature on more routers using reaver’s
      advanced options, you will also learn how to unlock some routers if they lock after a number of failed attempts.
    2. Advanced Wordlist Attacks – in this subsection you will learn how to run more advanced wordlist attacks, this will increase your chances of
      cracking the key; you will learn how to use huge wordlists without wasting storage, save the cracking progress so that you can pause and
      resume the cracking process whenever you want, you will also learn how to crack the key much faster using the GPU instead of the CPU.
    3. Evil Twin Attack – Finally if none of the above methods work, then the last resort is to use social engineering to get the key, in this subsection
      you will learn how to get the password for a target WPA/WPA2 network using social engineering, without guessing and without using a wordlist.

[Section- 2]WPA/WPA2 Enterprise

  1. WPA/WPA2 Enterprise – These networks are usually used in companies and colleges, these are secure networks that use WPA/WPA2 but also
    require users to login with a username and password after connecting, in this subsection you will understand how they work and how to gain
    access to them.
  2. Post-Connection Attacks – In this section you will learn a number of advanced attacks that you can run after connecting to a network, all of the
    attacks in this subsection work against WiFi and ethernet networks, you will learn how to manually bypass HTTPS and capture sensitive data, you
    will be able to use this method regardless of how you became the man in the middle so you will be able to use it with any scenario or situation whe
    interesting data is flowing through your computer, you will also learn how to inject javascript/HTML in HTTPS websites, bypass router-side security
    and run ARP poisoning attacks without raising any alarms. You will also learn how to manually analyse data flows and build your own MITM attack ideas
    even if there are no tools that run your attack, not only that but I will also teach you how to write your own scripts to execute your own MITM attacks.
    By the end of this section you will learn the right methodology of building your own attack, you’ll learn how to analyse network flows, run a simple test,
    translate that into a working script that implements your attack, and finally test that script against a remote computer.

Who is the target audience?

  • People who want to take their network hacking skills to the next level.
  • Who want to have a better understanding of the subject and enhance their skills.
  • People who want to be able to run attacks manually & write their own MITM scripts.

What Will I Learn in Network Hacking Continued – Intermediate to Advanced?

  • 50 detailed videos about practical attacks against Wi-Fi networks
  • A number of MORE ADVANCED practical attacks
  • Disconnect multiple/all clients from their networks without knowing the key
  • Bypass MAC filtering (both black and white lists).
  • Discover names of hidden networks and connect to them
  • Exploit WPS on more secure routers to get the WPA/WPA2 key.
  • Unlock WPS on some routers even if its locked
  • Understand how WPA/WPA2 enterprise work.
  • Gain access to networks that use WPA/WPA2 enterprise using 2 methods.
  • Gain access to captive portals (hotels and airport networks) using 3 methods.
  • Understand how a fake access point work and be able to create one manually from scratch
  • Generate SSL certificates & use it to support HTTPS on apache2.
  • Create a fake captive portal that acts exactly like a normal captive portal.
  • Steal WPA/WPA2 password using evil twin attack.
  • Crack WPA/WPA2 faster using GPU instead of CPU.
  • Use huge wordlists to crack WPA/WPA2 without taking up disk space.
  • Save WPA/WPA2 cracking progress.
  • Bypass HTTPS & capture data manually.
  • Bypass router-side security & run ARP spoofing attack without raising alarms.
  • Analyse data flows and build own attacks.
  • Write custom scripts to implement your attack ideas.
  • Run attacks against HTTPS websites.
  • Inject Javascript/HTML code in HTTPS pages.
  • Create trojans – combine any file (image/pdf) with an evil file.
  • Also, Replace files downloaded on the network with trojans.
  • Write the script to replace downloads with trojans on the fly.

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Course Title: Network Hacking Continued – Intermediate to Advanced
Size: 1.5GB
Language: English

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