PHP OOP Complete Practical Course [Udemy]


PHP OOP Complete Practical Course

In this course you will learn object oriented programming in PHP. In the course we will do each topic practically so that you have a clear concept as well at the same time you can code in object oriented programming in PHP.

Yes this course is 100% practical.

First we will discuss object-oriented concepts in PHP and implement it practically so that you can have a clear concept as well as you can write it programmatically. After the object-oriented programming that we have learnt we will have a small project so that you can implement those concepts in projects and have a clear understating that how we will use this in projects.

Now first of all we will setup our environment and a view of different server packages like wamp, xampp etc. We will also look into some IDE that you can use for PHP development, but don’t worry if you already have a choice so your free to use that and there is no need for shifting. Then we will learn objected oriented programming like classes, inheritance, methods, interfaces, traits, auto loading and many more .

At the end we will have small project. So that you can implement the object oriented programming that you have learn in a project.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner PHP developers who want to learn object oriented programming, OOP
  • Student looking for a career in PHP as web developer
  • Students who want to learn OOP and upgrade their skills


  • Basics of PHP (Procedural PHP)
  • A little bit of HTML, CSS and Bootstrap
  • Basic software installation

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Created by:Ijaz Al
duration: 6h 14m

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