Protractor Testing Framework : Learn from Scratch [Udemy]

Protractor Testing Framework

Protractor Testing Framework

This course covers Protractor test framework tutorial in detail. The course starts from very basics and gradually covers advance topics of functional  test automation using Protractor test framework. The course content is more focused on practical learning so that you can apply your learning to real projects in your organisation. The course also contains the test quiz . It would help you practice your knowledge and prepare yourself for automation interviews.The course covers the basic set up needed for angularJS application automation using Protractor , node.js , npm (node package manager ) , webdriver-manager and JavaScript programming basics.In this course, you will find the clean and pure information. When preparing the training, we especially avoided unnecessary talk and waiting; we have found these parts for you and got them out.

Who is the target audience?

  • Software testers who want to learn automation testing
  • Automation testers who are working on selenium webdriver


  • Basic knowledge of software testing

Website: Visit
Created by: R . K . Kumar
Duration: 5h 23m

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