Rapid Development on AWS: React, Node.js & GraphQL [Frontendmasters]

Rapid Development on AWS

Rapid Development on AWS: React, Node.js & GraphQL

In this course, Steve Kinney — returning Frontend Masters instructor and Principal Engineer at SendGrid — shows how to make your way through all the Amazon Web Services’ offerings to quickly prototype on its cloud services and world-class infrastructure. Utilizing a new library from Amazon, you’ll easily spin up services to add authentication, authorization, storage, databases, and APIs to your apps with AWS’ Amplify, MobileHub, and AppSync!

AWS Account Setup & IAM Role

Steve walks through setting up your AWS account with a subuser to work with Amazon MobileHub. – – https://portal.aws.amazon.com/billing/signup#/start – https://github.com/stevekinney/AWS-for-Frontend-Engineers/blob/master/00%20OUTLINE%2C%20AWS%20for%20Front%20End.md#create-a-secondary-account

AWS Mobile Hub, Amplify, and AppSync Overview

Steve elaborates on a few tools that AWS offers front-end engineers by describing how they are different and — more importantly — how you can use them together to rapidly build client-side applications.

React Application Review

Steve introduces “Grudge Bin,” a sample application for keeping track of people who have wronged you over the years.

Website: Visit
Author: Steve Kinney
Duration: 3 hours, 34 minutes

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