Sales Video Masterclass: Discover How To Close More Sales [Udemy]


Sales Video Masterclass

Would you like to master the skill of creating highly-effective sales videos that bring sales?Would you like to learn how to write sales scripts that grab attention, arouse interest, evoke desire and ultimately get visitors to buy from you?Would you like to learn plug-and-play copywriting frameworks and formulas that would eliminate writer’s block forever and help you write sales scripts quickly and easily every time?If you’ve answered “YES” to even one of these questions than this online course, will knock your socks off…. and before I tell you way, I’d like to introduce myself.Hi, my name is Vladimir Raykov.I’ve sold over 20000 digital products ranging from $7 up to $997. I’ve been able to achieve these results by using carefully crafted sales videos that anyone can learn how to create.

I teach over 50000 students and my areas of expertise are marketing psychology and copywriting.



“Vladimir is an awesome instructor! I have taken many courses here on Udemy and Vladimir is by far one of the best business instructors out there. He doesn’t give you any fluff, you get right down into the raw material. He also presents the material in a really clear and concise manner.”  – Anthony Guttadauro


“Vladimir is very experienced in marketing and I think he is the go-to for powerful internet marketing strategies. I finally can breathe easy that I can take classes online from a highly experienced mentor in this field at an affordable price!”  – Eric Anderson



This is a project based course that consists of 3 main sections.

The first two deal with the elements of your sales video and the third one would help you record and produce your video for free.

By the end of the course, you will be able to create highly-effective sales videos.

To make the process easy for you, I’ve created a project guide that goes with the course.

Inside the project guide, you will see a copywriting framework with 13 elements.

So basically, I explain to you each of the elements, I give you examples from sales videos that have proven to be extremely effective in terms of return on investment and once you have a perfect understanding on what you have to do, you sit down and write the sales script for your sales video, element by element.

Once your script is ready, you will learn how to record it and make a sales video out of it.

The demonstration videos I’ve created for you will be quite useful as I show you the whole process as if I’m creating a real sales video.


  • How To Apply Scarcity Marketing In Your Sales Video
  • How To Apply Social Proof In Your Sales Video
  • How To Use Bonuses To Increase The Value Of Your Offer
  • How To Eliminate Risk So You Close More Sales
  • How To Control The Mind Of Your Prospects
  • Top Copywriting Frameworks For Sales Videos
  • How To Grab And Hold Your Prospect’s Attention
  • How To Introduce Yourself So You Don’t Decrease Conversions
  • The Most Effective Way To Arouse Interest
  • How To Create Desire And Apply “Future-Pacing
  • How To Remove Objections So More People Buy From You
  • How To Make The Prospect Feel Special

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Created by: Vladimir Raykov
Duration: 2h 29m

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