Secrets of Spoken English [Udemy]

Secrets of Spoken English

Secrets of Spoken English

This course will help students transform their intermediate English into advanced!
A complete step by step video guide to transforming their intermediate listening and speaking from intermediate to advanced!
This course will help you become an advanced speaker of English!
When English speakers speak quickly, they break the grammar rules !!!
In this course, you will learn step by step how to use and understand these little contractions in Spoken English.
FULL SUBTITLES AND CAPTIONS for the complete course and PDF downloads for home study!
You will learn all the secrets to be able to speak and understand like a native speaker!
The course is very student-focused and easy to learn. The videos all have practice exercises for you to train your pronunciation and listening.

Who is the target audience?

  • Students who already have intermediate English who want to learn to understand and speak more like native speakers of English
  • anyone wanting to improve their English for work or study
  • anyone who wants to be fluent in English


  • Intermediate level of English as a second language
  • Students who really want to be fluent in English!
  • Students who are prepared to participate 100% with the course!

What Will I Learn in “Secrets of Spoken English”?

  • How to use all the intermediate English grammar perfectly!
  • use natural native speaker pronunciation
  • use advanced conditionals including past models
  • Practice your English speaking
  • Improve your listening! Learn all the native speaker pronunciation. 


Course Title: Secrets of Spoken English
Size: 1.6 GB
Language: English

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