Spring Core Advanced – Beyond the Basics [Udemy]

Spring Core Advanced

Spring Core Advanced

My Spring Core course is intended to be a predecessor to this course. In Spring Core, I gave you a solid foundation in working with the Spring Framework. In this course, I build upon that foundation expanding your skills with the Spring Framework. The skills taught in this course are skills you will need for enterprise application development using the Spring Framework.

Topics Include:

  • Spring Data JPA
  • Form Validation in Spring MVC
  • Externalized messages
  • Using Spring Security
  • Aspect Oriented Programming
  • Spring Application Events
  • Scheduled Tasks
  • Advanced Spring Configuration

What Will I Learn?

  • Use Spring Data JPA Repositories
  • Use Command Objects with Spring MVC
  • Leverage Spring to validate user input on Command Objects
  • Create and display custom validation messages
  • Configure Spring Security to authenticate against a database.
  • Secure a web application with Spring Security.
  • Understand Spring’s approach to Aspect Oriented programming (AOP)
  • Publish and consume custom Spring Events
  • Configure scheduled tasks in Spring.
  • Learn advanced Configuration of Spring, by removing Spring Boot from the project and manually providing all the objects configured by Spring Boot.
  • Use Spring to Send and Receive JMS Messages

The Spring Framework has a very mature events framework we can use for application events. I show you how to create a custom application event, then how to setup an event handler to take action on specific application events.

In Spring Core and in this course, the project we’re working uses Spring Boot as its foundation. Spring Boot is doing a lot of automatic configuration for us.

In the last module of this course, we will remove Spring Boot from the project. This will require us to configure all the objects and data sources being provided by Spring Boot manually. In doing so, students will gain insight into all the automation being provided by Spring Boot, and how to manage a more advanced Spring Configuration.

Who is the target audience?

This is not a beginner level course on the Spring Framework
This course is for students with some knowledge of the Spring Framework wishing to learn about advanced features of Spring commonly used in the enterprise.


  • Students should be comfortable programming in Java and using Maven to build Java projects
  • Students should know about the core features of Spring around dependency injection and inversion of control (IoC)

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Created by: John Thompson
Duration: 5h 56m

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