Technical Writing: Quick Start Guides [LYNDA]

Technical Writing: Quick Start Guides

Technical Writing: Quick Start Guides

A quickstart guide is a short, getting-started document that usually accompanies a product or software. In this course,
writing instructor Leslie O’Flahavan explains the components, best writing practices, and overall strategy for creating a
quickstart guide that helps readers easily find answers to their questions.

Leslie shares how to base your quickstart guide on your user manual or develop your guide by using customer feedback.
She also discusses how to clearly identify the overall purpose of your guide, write clear headings, and use plain language.
To wrap up, she covers methods for getting feedback from subject matter experts and users to ensure that your guide is
both accurate and useful.

Topics include:

  • Incorporating visuals into your quickstart guide
  • Basing your quickstart guide on input from users
  • Addressing your user directly
  • Writing clear headings
  • Also, Using plain language
  • Checking your quickstart guide for accuracy

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Author Leslie O’Flahavan

Skill Level Intermediate

Duration 57m 44s

Course Title: Technical Writing: Quick Start Guides [LYNDA]

Size: 373.4 MB

Language: English

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