Ultimate Alexa Skill Development course: With & Without Code [Udemy]

Ultimate Alexa Skill Development course

Ultimate Alexa Skill Development course

The course teaches you all the required skills to become a successful Alexa Developer from building skills without coding to building highly customizable skills on an advanced level.

The first section of our course is focused on developing Alexa Skills without coding with the help of different tools and platforms. The second section focuses on how to work with AWS Lambda function and Web-Service as an Endpoint. From there we then take a step forward to start learning how to develop skills using Node.js and Python.

I am going to take you to a step-by-step journey from the very basics to more advanced concepts for becoming an expert in the field of Alexa Skills Development.

I am also going to keep you updated with the latest content as the field is young and keeps progressing at a fast pace.

In this course you will learn:

  • Structure of a custom skill.
  • Environment Setup of Alexa.
  • Building skills without coding!
  • Building Skills with JavaScript.
  • Building Skills with Python.
  • How to use AWS Lambda as an Endpoint?
  • How to build a voice design structure?
  • How to build an engaging and interactive skill?
  • How to sell content products in skill?
  • Learning the distribution and certification process.
  • How to Store Session Data in Dynamo DB.

Who this course is for:

  • The course is for anyone who is looking to learn and build voice apps for the newest technology of Amazon Alexa.
  • This course is for you, if you are trying to build voice apps, but have not been able to make it successful.
  • This is course is for you, if you are always eager to learn and work on the latest technologies.
  • If you have heard of Amazon Alexa and want to learn more about how to build voice apps for Alexa, take this course.
  • This course is for you, if you are an innovator or an entrepreneur and want to increase the reach of your business.
  • This course is for all the developers and non-developers who want to build and publish the skills or voice apps on their own.
  • And who wants to build or add custom skills for their Echo devices.


  • You must have a Google account.
  • You must be willing to learn new things

Website: Visit
Created by: Mridul Kabra
Duration: 3h 44m

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