VueJS Basics [Complete Guide]

VueJS Basics

VueJS Basics

The focus is more on the view part, which is the front end. It is very easy to integrate with other projects and libraries. The installation of
VueJS is fairly simple, and beginners can easily understand and start building their own user interfaces.


The tutorial will give the readers enough understanding on the various functionalities of VueJS from where they can take themselves to
the next level.

Before proceeding with this tutorial, readers should have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Vue.js is a front-end JavaScript framework with a gentle learning curve. Vue’s lower barrier to entry, ease of use and fantastic documentation
make it a fun and accessible technology.

In this course, you’ll learn fundamental concepts that will help you get up and running with Vue. You’ll also gain skills and foundational
the knowledge that will help prepare you to tackle the complexities of other frameworks.

What you’ll learn?

  • What is a front-end framework
  • Templating and data binding
  • Methods and directives
  • Event Handling
  • Simple animation.

Course Title: VueJS Basics
Size: 423.7 MB
Duration: 2 Hours
Language: English

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