Webpack 4 Fundamentals [Frontendmasters]

Webpack 4 Fundamentals

Webpack 4 Fundamentals

Learn the core concepts of Webpack 4 with Sean Larkin – maintainer of Webpack. You’ll start entirely from scratch by adding webpack with npm and separate your dev and production environments. Then you’ll learn to lazy load your JavaScript through code splitting, remove code you don’t need through tree shaking, and control your entire build pipeline with popular loaders and plugins from the Webpack ecosystem. Be confident in building and shipping your code with Webpack – the open source bundler responsible for powering some of the most popular and high-performance web applications!

Coding Your First Module

Sean shows how to code a simple JavaScript module, export it and import it with Webpack using ESM module syntax.

Adding Watch Mode

Sean demonstrates how to watch mode, which instructs Webpack to incremental compile as changes are made to the code.

ES Module Syntax

Sean walks through the ESM syntax to export variables and import bindings within Webpack.

CommonJS Export

Since Webpack has interoperability between ESM and CommonJS syntax, Sean shows how to use CommonJS to import a module.

Website: Visit
Author: Sean Larkin
Duration: 4 hours, 10 minutes

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