Webpack Plugins System [Frontendmasters]

Webpack Plugins System

Webpack Plugins System

Dive into the Webpack 4 Plugin System and take a tour through the Webpack source code with Sean Larkin – core maintainer of Webpack 4. You’ll get an overview of the tappable instances for building Webpack Plugins: Compiler, Compilation, Resolver, Module Factories, Parser & Templates. Then create a custom plugin, isolate plugin behavior and learn to create your own webpack plugins.

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Compiler & Compilation

Sean starts revealing the instances in the Tappable beginning with the Compiler, which acts as a central dispatch within Webpack. The next instance review is Compilation, which is created by the Compiler and contains the dependency graph traversal algorithm.

Resolver & Module Factories

The Resolver instance asynchronously locates a module by its absolute path. Module Factories take successfully resolved requests and collect the source from the file to store the information in a module object.

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Author: Sean Larkin
Duration: 1 hours, 34 minutes

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