Website Performance [Frontendmasters]

Website Performance

Website Performance

With the rise of mobile networks and devices, website performance is now absolutely critical to building good websites and web applications. Kyle dives deep into everything web performance from resource loading, to thread, animations, JSON, minification, image optimization and more!

Why Web Performance?

While this presentation will focus greatly on optimization, performance tuning is only one piece of the development puzzle. Weaving these practices into your natural workflow will keep your website’s performance a priority and not an afterthought. Steve Souders once said, “Eighty to ninety percent of the end-user response time is spent on the front end”. Website optimization should start there.

Performance and User Experience

Great performance can lead to the great user experience. The opposite is true too. A website’s performance influences a user’s first impression. Comparing performance data from one site to another is a great way to start gauging areas of poor optimization. • The document ready state is the point when a user is able to meaningfully interact with a webpage. Optimizing the document ready state can increase the perceived performance of the page.

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Author: Kyle Simpson
Duration: 5 hours, 3 minutes

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